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Scope of Services

Since our founding, we’ve been at the forefront of all the latest products and techniques, offering a wide range of services to handle our clients’ needs. From intensive project management to job oversight, we do it all for the most competitive rates on the market.

Scope of Services: Services
Pre-Construction Phase
Building Plans

Pre-Construction Phase

Typically, the pre-construction phase includes creating a strategic plan for the project, creating a design, securing permits or entitlements, and gathering the labor and resources required for construction.

Plans and specifications Review

  • Assist the Client and the Design Consultants in coming up with a design criteria as per Clients requirements

  • Review plans and other important documents to be used for bidding and construction


Bidding/Award of Contract Assistance

  • Recommend appropriate division of project into various contract packages to facilitate bidding and construction.

  • Assist the Client in pre-qualifying contractors

  • Assist the Client in conducting Pre-Bid Conferences

  • Assist the Client in the actual bidding of contract packages

  • Analyze bids and submit our recommendations to the Client

  • Assist the Client in the negotiation of the final contract

  • Assist the Client in issuing Notices of Award and Notices to Proceed.

  • Conduct Per-Construction Conferences with Contractors and Design Consultants

Construction Phase
building construction

Construction Phase

The next phase of a construction project lasts from the moment physical construction begins until physical construction ends. The construction stage is the period that most people associate with construction projects, partially due to its visibility.

Monitor Quality

  • Conduct inspection of works to ensure that plans and specifications are adhered to

  • Witness testing of systems and equipment as required by the plans and specifications.

  • Monitoring status of submittals approval.

  • Document non-compliance by Contractors to their contractual obligations.


Monitor Timely Completion of Works

  • Review all schedules submitted by the Contractors and recommend adjustments to the client should adjustments be necessary.

  • Monitoring and track actual project accomplishment against approved project schedule.

  • Anticipate potential problems encountered and recommend measures to prevent their occurrence.

  • Identify actual problems encountered and recommend measures to prevent their recurrence.

  • Regular assess the sufficiency of the contractors on site resources if they are adequate to support the project schedule

  • Review and recommend request for time


Monitor Project Costs

  • Prepare the anticipated Project cash Flow.

  • Track and check actual cash flow and the Client’s budget.

  • Review all request for payments by Contractors and submit recommendations to the client.

  • Review, document and track all change orders for legitimacy and fairness.


Project Administration and Coordination

  • Conduct and document issues discussed in management and site coordination meetings.

  • Coordinate closely with the Design Consultants regarding issuance, clarifications and interpretations of plans and specifications.

  • Review construction drawings and specifications.

  • Assist the Client in scheduling purchase and delivery of Owner-Supplied Materials.

  • Assist the Client in the inspection of delivered Owner-Supplied Materials prior to turnover to Contractors.

  • Submit Monthly Progress Reports to the Client. Maintain Project Record Documents such as Plans and Specifications, Contract Documents, Change Order Documents, Billing Requests, etc.


Monitoring of Safety , Sanitation and Security

  • Review proper Safety. Sanitation and Security Guidelines.

  • Review and approve the Safety. Sanitation and Security Programs of the Contractors.

  • Monitor compliance by Contractors with the established Safety. Sanitation and Security Guidelines.extension by the Contractors to the client.

Post-Construction Phase
Construction Planners

Post-Construction Phase

The post-construction stage helps to tie up any loose ends before the building is entirely handed over to the owner and ready for occupancy. This consists of final inspections, training for the building owner, and more.

Final Turnover

  • Conduct accomplishment and quality inspection with the Client and Design Consultants upon the advice of the Contractors.

  • Prepare final punch list of items for rectification.

  • Conduct final inspection and turnover of works with the Client and Design Consultant upon completion of all rectification works.

  • Assist the Client in testing equipment and making final adjustments prior to commissioning.

  • Review As-Built Drawings, Equivalent Manuals and other turnover documents submitted by the Contractors.

  • Ensure that all Permits and other Government Licenses are secured.


Project Close-Out

  • Evaluate and recommend applications for final payment by the contractors as well as release of retention money.

  • Prepare a final project report.

  • Provide assistance to the Client’s representatives on the Operation of Building Equipment and Utilities.

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