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Technicians at Work
Meet the Team

At Strategic-Tek Groupe, we believe that the key to achieving customer satisfaction is through exceptional service. Our team of dedicated, talented, and professional experts are committed to excellence and form the backbone of Strategic-Tek Groupe — handling our clients’ projects in the most efficient and transparent manner. Check out the team and let us know what we can do for you.

STG Family

The Team

STG Family

At Strategic-Tek Groupe, we’ve got the best
minds in the business working together.

Engr. Noel P. Castro – Construction Manager

Engr. Eddie S. Coloma – Construction Manager

Engr. Earl Edison M. Dy – Construction Manager

Ar. Noel M. Gamo – Construction Manager

Engr. Idelito C. Glino – Construction Manager

Engr. Alexander D. Ramirez – MEPF Manager

Engr. John Daryl T. Austira – Civil Engineer

Engr. Jordan A. Legaspi – Civil Engineer

Engr. Danica Mae B. Manalo – Civil Engineer

Engr. Leander Z. Casamayor – Electrical Engineer

Engr. Leandro Z. Casamayor – Electrical Engineer

Engr. Ronald G. Estiller – Electrical Engineer

Engr. Ronaldo D. Gimenez – Mechanical Engineer


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